Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Calvinist Definition of Assurance

“Assurance of faith is the conviction that one has been redeemed by Christ and will enjoy everlasting salvation.” (Joel Beeke, “The Fullness of Grace,” p. 107)

“By ‘Christian assurance,’ I refer to a Christian believer’s confidence that he or she is already in a right standing with God, and that this will issue in ultimate salvation.” (D.A. Carson, “Reflections on Assurance,” p. 384)

“Assurance of salvation is a God-given awareness that He has accepted the death of Christ on your behalf and forgiven you of your sins. It involves confidence that God loves you, that He has chosen you, and that you will go to heaven. Assurance includes a sense of freedom from the guilt of sin, relief from the fear of judgment, and joy in your relationship with God as your Father.” (Donald Whitney, How Can I Be Sure I’m A Christian?, p. 12)

“…the undoubted certainty that a person belongs to Christ, possesses his saving grace, and will ultimately enjoy everlasting salvation.” (Joel Beeke, Quest For Full Assurance, p. 5)

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